Rik Servais - Venturis Consulting Group
Rik Servais
Aug 31, 2020 Partner | Brussels

Rik is the Brussels based partner of the Venturis Consulting Group. He assists law firms and other legal service providers in achieving their strategic objectives, particularly through in-depth market analysis, strategic reviews (including strategic business planning), and the development and execution of growth strategies (including the onboarding of teams and mergers & acquisitions). Rik services clients in both the national and the international market segments in Belgium and beyond.

Profile & Professional background

Rik worked for more than 15 years as a public affairs specialist of which twelve years as an EU regulatory & government affairs expert at a large international law firm in Brussels – advising clients on all aspects of their relations with the law and policy-making institutions of the European Union. Working together with lawyer colleagues in different departments and different jurisdictions allowed him to gain an in-depth understanding of the functioning of a leading global legal service provider and the market(s) it operates in.

Partly as a result of his professional background, Rik is a strong believer of law firms assisting their clients during the (EU) legislative processes and therefore contributing to high quality law and policy-making. In this respect, he foresees an increasing presence of international lawyers and firms in Brussels – not only as a result of the pull effects of Brussels as a regulatory hub, but also because of the changing international landscape (e.g. the effects of Brexit).

In addition to his fee earning role, Rik has spent two years as a business development manager in Brussels – assisting the firm’s leadership in developing and executing BD strategies in Belgium and beyond. This resulted in a sharp eye for developments and tendencies in the legal market(s) and the impact they have on law firms and/or the individual departments and partners.

His experience as business development manager made him aware of the strategic importance of a well-functioning BD department and the role it can play in achieving the firm’s strategic objectives. In addition, as a result of having been both a fee earner and a member of the support staff, Rik understands the internal dynamics of a law firm and the importance of a well-oiled machinery in support of the fee earning activities.

Education & Memberships

Rik studied Law at the Maastricht University (NL). In addition, he holds a Master in European Integration and Development at the V.U.B. (University of Brussels).