Team - Venturis Consulting Group

We assemble the very best team possible to meet your unique challenges

  • Vagn Thorup

    Of Counsel | Copenhagen

    Vagn is an Of Counsel in the Nordic branch of Venturis Consulting Group. He...
  • Robert Bata

    Partner | New York

    Robert is the founder and principal of WarwickPlace Legal, LLC, a...
  • Peter Gerdemann

    Partner | Frankfurt

    Peter joined Venturis Consulting Group as a Partner in 2020. For the past...
  • Sophie Boyer Chammard

    Partner | Paris

    Sophie has been working in the legal sector for more than 25 years. She...
  • Daniela Santo

    Consultant | Munich

    Daniela is a Consultant at Venturis Consulting Group. She is based in...
  • Gerard Neiditsch

    Consultant | Frankfurt

    Gerard is a Consultant at Venturis Consulting Group. He specializes in...
  • Marion Ehmann

    Partner | Stockholm

    Marion is a Partner at Venturis Consulting Group and has been a lawyer for...
  • Robert van Beemen

    Partner | Amsterdam

    Robert’s main focus within Venturis Consulting Group is advising boutique...
  • Steven Ongenaet

    Consultant | Mexico

    Steven Ongenaet is Consultant at KermaPartners. His practice is focused on...
  • Leopoldo Hernández Romano

    Partner | Mexico

    Leopoldo Hernández Romano serves as KermaPartners’ Head of Markets –...
  • Martijn Lesterhuis

    Partner | Amsterdam

    Martijn is a partner at Venturis and an expert in driving change and growth...
  • Rupprecht Graf von Pfeil

    Partner | Munich

    Rupprecht is a Partner at Venturis Consulting Group. He has been working in...
  • Wolf Kahles

    Of Counsel | Frankfurt

    Wolf is an Of Counsel at Venturis Consulting Group. He has a long standing...
  • Dolores Ruiz Bracamontes

    Consultant | Mexico

    Dolores Ruiz Bracamontes is a Consultant with KermaPartners based in Mexico...
  • Rik Servais

    Partner | Brussels

    Rik is the Brussels based partner of the Venturis Consulting Group. He...
  • Laura Pirillo

    Partner | Milan

    Laura is a Partner at Venturis Consulting Group and heads the Italian...
  • Gerard Tanja

    Partner | Amsterdam

    Gerard brings more than 30 years of experience in the legal and...
  • Stefanie Hoogklimmer

    Partner | Frankfurt

    Stefanie joined Venturis Consulting Group as a Partner in September 2018....
  • Bert Heikens

    Of Counsel | Amsterdam

    Bert is an Of Counsel in the Amsterdam and Milan offices of Venturis...
  • Sabijn Dullaart

    Consultant | Amsterdam

    Sabijn has supported senior leaders, management teams and organisations in...

Strategic Alliances


KermaPartners and Venturis Consulting integrate their businesses in Europe and establish a strategic alliance in Latin America/Spain. KermaPartners is a Professional Services Advisory Firm, it advices senior leaders of professional services firms and partnership organisations.  They transform their clients by helping them address their most critical business challenges and take advantage of the most promising opportunities, enabling them to outperform their competitors by developing sound strategy and by building effective partnership organizations. All of our service offerings are designed purely for our clients and their specializations.

KermaPartners Latin America/Spain and Venturis will increase its activities over the next few years in Spain focusing on law firm strategy, strategic business development programs and strategy execution like merger consulting, restructuring and the onboarding of teams/sourcing of law firms.

According to Leopoldo Hernandez, KermaPartners LatAm & Spain Managing Partner, the alliance will not only strengthen the already existing collaboration but will also allow the two firms to expand their activities in Spain.


In June 2015 Venturis Consulting Group and WarwickPlace Legal (New York) entered into a strategic alliance for the purpose of jointly undertaking engagements in the United States and Europe and other legal markets experiencing a dynamic demand for strategic and organizational services. WarwickPlace Legal is a New York-based law firm consultancy, which advises law firms around the world – including the US, the UK, Latin America, China, Singapore and North Africa – on their International and cross-border strategies.

Robert Bata, WarwickPlace Legal’s Founder and Principal, has opened, managed and successfully grown law firm offices and international practices in various markets, including London, Central and Eastern Europe and China, during more than thirty years as a practicing lawyer and major law firm leader.